Greater Warwick QRS - Warwick QRS 2-16- Jumped CAll to nursing home

Manheim, Pennsylvania 1 comment

Greater Warwick QRS showed up at our nursing home last night.Guess who was on no one but the guy that Warwick Ambulance fired because he had a bad attitude.

This guy is bad apple. Bad reputation. Now he showed up at call without even being dispatched.He drives old personel vehicle with red lights on.I dont ever want this guy back on property again as when he was fired things were going so much better now this *** showing up again.

I heard whole community upset and evene the Boro told him not to respond.He operates out of his house down the road.

Review about: Responding Without Being Asked.



I'm not quite sure who you are, but if you have a problem with a free service being provided to the community then how about you contact me directly instead of hiding behind this website?As for the other comments regarding myself and warwick ambulance, you have no idea, other then hearsay, as to why I left warwick ambulance.

Also to correct you, we were not told that we can't respond. And the only people in the community that are against this service is people who have ties to the other emergency services in the area. And it seems to me, just by the terminology you are using, that you have some sort of relationship with fire or EMS. So how about before you start posting negative comments about us you know your facts and understand why we are doing this.

Feel free to visit our website,, and also feel free to contact me directly and I gladly explain to you the reasons we are doing this.I have no problem with being respectful and talking directly to anyone...

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